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Falmouth uni, guest lecturer, 2022
UX crunch, 2021
Intrapreneurs club, 2020
Design exchange, 2020
Method lunch and learn, 2020
ServiceLab, 2019
Future London Academy, 2019 
DesignLab, 2019
UX Crunch, 2019
CX week Greece, 2019
Skills Matter, 2019


Cannes Lions, 2018
Weiwuying Symposium, 2018
Strata, O'Reilly, 2018
Good Tech Conference, 2018
Connect London, 2018
UX Oxford, 2018
Mobile UX London VR, 2018
InfintieConf, 2018
UX Oxford, 2018

What do I talk about?

Designers and researchers roles in teams, emerging tech, data and design, ethics, and consumer trends.

What have I run workshops on?

Storytelling for UX, intro to UX, AI ethics, problem-solving & ideation sessions, alignment, and road mapping sessions.


Mobile UX London, 2017
Openfest, 2017
BBC Circom workshop, 2016
Social Media Week, 2016
Fosdem, 2016
Start-Up Next, 2016


Openfest, 2015
Founders and Coders, 2015
Beyond Data, 2015
Central Saint Martins, 2015
Fosdem, 2015
Openfest, 2014
Codefront, 2014

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Storytelling for User Experience_2 © National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts
Storytelling for User Experience_1 © National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts


Want to go on your first service safari or looking for resources or a refresher on how to do it? In this article, we will look at why, when and how to run a successful service safari.

There’s renewed interest in how brands, services and marketers should be using personalization to give users what they want: a world that feels perfect for them. Unfortunately, sometimes that world isn’t good for them.

Data has opened up huge possibilities for designing, analysing and customising products and services. However, what we see is that context is often missing in these experiences, leading to a knowledge gap that will only increase over time.

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