Fjord Trends

The Problem – What trends will be big in 2019?
Each year Fjord produces a report on consumer trends for the following year. Finding a meta-theme to drive the ideation forward over the next year. They’re an important part of Fjord’s thought leadership and provide global positioning on a range of issues that we believe will affect our clients' businesses in the years to come.

— Role: Service design lead & writer
— Project type: Trends & Workshops
— Project duration: 8 weeks
— Fjord, 2018


The Process

Trends are submitted by each studio with supporting evidence. From these submissions, we analyzed overarching trends that formed the foundation for trends in 2019. 

These were further refined and evidence collected before going through a final selection process cutting down to the final 7 which we felt were strong enough and finding the overarching meta-theme of 2019: the search for value and relevance.


The Solution

Screenshot 2019-08-04 20.14.49

Seven core trends, one overarching theme. A new visual language, launch event, website, book, talks, campaign on social and a workshop toolkit.

— Silence is gold
— The last straw?
— Data minimalism
— Ahead of the curb
— The inclusivity paradox
— Space odyssey
— Synthetic realities

View website here

Download the full report here

To accompany the report we created a simple website.

Screenshot 2019-12-10 16.37.56

Online game
Select a trend and get given a challenge card, walk through the ideation steps to create new opportunities.

Screenshot 2019-12-10 17.33.13

We created a workshop to go with trends for Fjord to run with clients. 

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