Victoria and Albert Museum Redesign 
2011, Lead designer, The Other Media


The V&A needed a site which would change with them and reflect the depth and breath of their collections. Taking inspiration from the semantic web and using complex taxonomies to reveal connections between items we created a concept for a search driven site, where each page could draw content from any part of the site and information was not silo’d in navigation but could be cross referenced across multiple pages. Users are encouraged to find their way around the site using multiple in-page navigation methods as well as more traditional navigation.


Gracefully degrading templates
Each template needed a flexible set of modules to allowing the V&A varirety in the type of content they produced. Not all subkect have reams of information and catering for each subject in the taxonomy was important for the future of the site. 
They also have a huge user base who contribute to the site and by combining both this and the information they hold with information from the wider web a much broader range information can be displayed about a subject.

Let the system decide
As page were ceated on the fly by the system, we needed a way for the system to determine which tmeplate was approiate to use and which modules to fill with content. We created a system logic to cater for all the templates available. Editors could also override the system defaults to create hihgly currated pages for larger more popular subjects.