The Time & Sunday Times redesign
2016, Art Direction, UX

The Problem
The Times needed to reinvent itself as a digital-first publication, attract a younger audience to keep competing in a world of changing nature of newsmedia. 

The Solution
A flexible editorial system which allows the unique qualities of the Times editorial to shine. The publishing model was based on 3 drops throughout the day rather than continuously publishing as news happened. The Times is known for the quality of its reporting and opinion, as such consumers didn't see them as a continually updating newsfeed, but as a trusted source of comment and analysis.

When there was a major world event they could switch to a continuous update model which takes over the homepage.

A modular system based on the heritage
A simple modular system was created using a slices of content. It allows the editorial hierarchy to set the news agenda and have full control over the layout of the pages. The heritage of the Times was brought out in the visual language and typographic ​style.