Southbank Centre 
2014, Lead UX consultant, Bureau for Visual Affairs


The Southbank Centre were looking for partners to help their in-house team create a new digital identity. They worked with mulitple aganecies each consulting on a different area; we were brought in to develop strategy, UX and a visual language. We developed a strategy around 5 principles which drove the experience design—open, transformative, surprising, global and socially engaged.

Proof of concept video created to show the search in action

Optimised for users occasion
A key user scenario to engage were casual passers by looking for activities at the last minute while they were out and about on the Southbank. The site responds to users locations and quickly suggest what had capacity and was available now. Mobile booking has key information and booking options without the need for the user to scroll, allowing faster booking of events. 

The site is more than just responsive, it repsonds to users needs, location and browsing habits creating a truly personalised experience.

Events listing by user needs
By focusing on users needs from events listings we created a simple set of questions which result in highly refinable listings without it seeming like a complex search interface.

The Web We Want festival
As part of the festival the whole team took up residence in a glassbox to allow the public into our process. We held guerilla tests of our ideas and gathered alot of useful feedback and interviews we further informed the development of the site.

Visual Language
We developed a visual language toolkit to be used by the Southbank team to complete the redesign process. Light weight design styles were given to the team as a framework to begin explorations as needs changed throughout the build.