Royal Institution of Great Britain 
2011, Lead designer, Bureau for Visual Affairs


The redesign of the The Royal Institution  focused on three goals, increasing bookings, communicating the breadth of activities the RI has to offer and integrating video content throughout the site.


Improving the booking process
The RI's events needed a more visual representation. Prior to an event taking place there is sometimes little imageary available, we leveraged their fantastic archive to create events pages which felt as dyanamic and the events themselves. Using a modular system the pages can be added to over the life cycle of the event. The page hierachies were carefully crafted to group all key information together at the top of the page, on any device, meant users could quickly and easily select events to book.

Why Eventbrite? 
Increasing conversions for events booking involved service design change within the business. We undertook a strategic review of current requirements and systems with the view to streamline them. By eventbrite and recommendations for simplifying the membership levels we increased conversion rates by 110%.