National Theatre
2015, Lead UX and Design, Bureau for Visual Affairs


The National Theatre needed a responsive site to increase brand awareness and purchases. Our approach was based on the unique NT
experience of theatre; we distilled this into 3 experience principles—useful, immersive & personal. We created a fast and simple booking process, rich production pages and highly personalised recommendations.

A consolidated team
In the short discovery phase timeline we needed to become a single team across Bureau, Digerati (the tech partner) and the NT. We lead a series of workshops on each of the key areas of the site, from these workshops we created high level goals and wireframes based in the user scenarios.


Seat selection
One of the main pain points for theatre goers is knowing where to choose their seats. Unless you know the theatre incredibly well you won't know which views you prefer. We created a simple interface for selecting your own seat as well as options to pick the best available for you. By focusing on this pain point we created a much improved experience on desktop, tablet & mobile platforms, reducing calls.

Behaviour based design
Creating simple booking systems which respond to context was a key goal of the experience design; this gives a level of personalisation without being intrusive. We added options for nearby productions, defaults to whats on today / next and having quick links to popular booking combinations. These were especially predominant on mobile devices where users are accustomed to these type of features improving the booking process.