Ashmolean Museum
2016, UX, Code & Theory


The Problem
The Ashmolean is the worlds leading University Museum they had previously been through a large physical transformation which had increased their visitor numbers drastically, however their digital offering was not keeping up. They wanted to become a truly digital first musuems which entailed organisational change as well as a new digital strategy being implemented. They needed a full overhaul of the current site to compete with the other visitor attractions in Oxford as well as UK museums.

The Solution
We worked with Ashmolean on a short discovery and UX design phase over 5 weeks. We put together a simple UX framework based on our research from surveys and user interviews. We worked closely with the Ashmolean teams thoughout the process to allow them to own the final delieverables and enable the delivery of the full project.

The solution allowed the Ashmolean a phased approach to their digital development adding in systems as they were redone e.g. the full digital catalogue.

Emotional Spectrum Experience Mapping
Ashmolean had a set of indepth physical visitor research which we used inconjunction with their analytics to help our recruit for contextual enquiries. From this research we created detailed audience spectrum and experience maps which looked at not only actions and feelings, but mapped these to an emtional scale. Using the scale we could see the areas of most positive and negative emotion and leverage that to create behaviour changes in the audience.

We created a set of small prototypes as part of the design process to allow better handover to the Ashmolean development team.