The Problem – End to End customer-centred transformation 
Regus & Spaces have been in the ‘space as a service’ business since the early 1990s, in the last few years, their industry had become increasingly crowded with new co-working players (WeWork, Industrious and Hubble among others). They asked Huge to look across their business and identify key opportunities for improvement, and a path to become a future-proofed customer-focused business.

— Role: UX Director 
— Project type: Vision & Delivery
— Project duration: 12 weeks & 1 year +
— Huge

The Solution

A reimagined end to end customer journey for key customer behaviours, including a rollout plan to get from the current world to the future vision.

Activities: 35 customer interviews, 20 service safaris, Identified 4 user mindsets, End to end experience maps, 80+ new features

The workpace and users expectations of it have changed drastically over the last 5 years. Understanding the changes through our research helped to guide the strategy to create a more user centred company.  



“I need a temporary space ASAP.”


  • Complete, transparent information.
  • A sufficient, convenient place. Now.
  • An immediate solution — through any means.

Unsure helper

“Where do I begin?”


  • Holistic knowledge. A helping hand.
  • The perfect place. Whenever that may be.
  • Guidance.

Experienced buyer

“I know what to do. I just need to do it.”


  • Complete, transparent information.
  • The right place. At end of lease.
  • An efficient solution — their way.



“We know what we want, and a broker will handle everything.”


  • Complete, transparent information.
  • The right place. At end of lease.
  • The best option curated by an expert.


Experience maps


From the user research, we created a set of experience maps for each of the identified mindsets. 

The Process


The team was split across the UK and US and worked closely together through in-person sessions and remote collaboration. Over 3 months we ran an extensive set of research activities from both quantitative and qualitative techniques to identify opportunity areas and insight to guide ideation. We Identified mindsets and service aspirations which enable a customer centred decision-making process. 

Other work

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